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Every year, numerous holidays are celebrated in Algeria.
Below are the main dates for these festivities:

1 January: New Year's Day (national)

In Algeria, New Year's Day is a cause for celebration with friends and family.

7-8 January 2016: Eid Al-mawlid an-Nabawi (national)

The birth of the Prophet Muhammad is celebrated each year in Algeria. Prayers and celebrations during these two days make them a family-holiday.

20 March: International Francophonie Day (national)

49 French-language speaking countries including Algeria celebrate their link with France. Poetry and writing contests are held for the youth, as well as meals and games for everyone.

1 May: Labour Day (national)

Labour Day is a public holiday for all Algerians. In Oran, a urban stroll is organised, the procession consisting of many young people and carnival puppets.

19 June: Righting Day (national)

The Anniversary of the Algerian coup d'état of June 19th 1965 which saw Houari Boumédiène take over as president is cause for yearly celebration.

5 July: Independence Day (national)

This holiday commemorates the Independence of Algeria as proclaimed on July 5th 1962 by General de Gaulle. It is an opportunity for many official speeches, parades and popular rejoicing.

7 July 2016: Eid ul-Fitr (national)

In Islam, this day marks the end of Ramadan and is a time for celebrations with family and friends.

24 September: Eid al-Adha (national)

It is considered the most important of the yearly Muslim holidays and honours Ibrahim as a model for all believers. . This is also an occasion for sumptuous family gatherings, for which it is recommended to multiply offerings and gifts.

1 November: Anniversary of the Revolution (national)

November 1st 1954 is the official starting point of the war between France and Algeria. This event is cause for yearly celebrations, official memorial services and political speeches.

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Oran is a coastal city that enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate. Summers, from June to September, are usually very hot. Winters, from December to March, are cool. Spring (April/May/June) and Autumn (October/November/December), with mild weather are the best seasons to visit Algeria's second largest city.

Month Min. Average Temperature (°C/F°) Max. Average Temperature (°C/F°) Average Rains (MM) Best Time to Travel
January 5 17 44 Not the best period to go
February 6,5 18 44,5 Not the best period to go
March 8 20 35 Good period to go Good period to go
April 10 21,5 30 Good period to go Good period to go
May 13 24 27 Good period to go Good period to go
June 17 28 4 Good period to go Good period to go
July 19,5 30,5 2 Not the best period to go
August 20 32 3 Not the best period to go
September 18 29 13 Good period to go Good period to go
October 14 25 25 Good period to go Good period to go
November 9,5 21 55,5 Not the best period to go
December 7 18 45 Not the best period to go
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The Ahmed Ben Bella International airport is 16 kilometres south of Oran.

  • One terminal (T1): Air France

A second terminal is under construction, for a 2017 opening.

Travelling between the airport and Oran:
  • By car
    Directions: Downtown Oran is 20 minutes away from the airport when using the N2A road.
    There is a parking lot with a capacity of 900 in the immediate vicinity of the airport. Entrance ticket is 60 DZD no matter the duration.
    Rentals: Several car rental companies are located in the arrivals hall.
  • Hotel shuttles
    Some hotels organize their own shuttles from the airport. Check with your hotel ahead of time.
  • Taxi :
    Taxis are available at the ranks when exiting the airport. Price must be negotiated beforehand. Allow between 200 to 400 DZD for a trip downtown.
  • Services : In the airport you will find a police station, a bank, restaurants, shops, duty-free shops and a prayer room.

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In Oran, tramway is the celebrity. It is the most reliable and efficient way to get around the city.

By car

Traffic may be very dense in Oran: lack of signing in some neighbourhoods, heavy traffic during rush hour, lack of parking lots. We advise you not to use a car to get around in Oran.


Oran's new tramway line opened in 2013. It crosses the city from east to west and stops at several of Oran's main points of interest, especially when exiting at the last stop (Es Sénia): Othmania Gardens, the Sports Arena; or the Place du 1er Novembre downtown, the SNTF station, the city courthouse, the 1er Novembre hospital, up to the Sidi Maarouf station.

It is operated every day from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. with one train every 4 minutes during rush hour.

Tickets are 40 DZD. You can buy them at the automated machines in every station or in the tramway.

Construction to extend the line up to the airport is under way.


Taxis are a good way to navigate the city of Oran, when you consider the dense traffic. Be careful and do not hop into non-official taxis. Taxis in Oran must be yellow and bear a “taxi” sign. The fare must not exceed 20 DZD per kilometre.

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Visitor information

Once you arrive in Oran, don't hesitate to get in touch with tourism professionals for information and help in organising your stay.

Office du tourisme d'Oran

4 rue Mohamed-Khemisti

+ 213 41 27 78 61

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Medical information

Medical care is of good quality, and infrastructures and health care facilities are modern.


It is recommended to have updated vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus and polio.

Additional vaccinations are also recommended: typhoid, hepatitis A and B (see your doctor before you travel).

Depending on the length of your stay, vaccine against rabies may also be advised.

For more information, contact the Air France Vaccination Centre:

by telephone: +33 (0)1 43 17 22 00


We recommend that you cook all food and carefully wash fruits and vegetables before eating.


It is strongly advised to drink water from sealed bottles.

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Administrative formalities

A valid visa is mandatory to enter Algeria, except for residents of the following countries: Maldives Islands, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Seychelles, Yemen, Malaysia, Mauritania, Syria, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria

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Essential phrases

Here are a few useful phrases in Arabic for your stay in Oran:

Good morning: Assalam alaykom / Sabahu Alkhair

Good afternoon: Masa'u Alkhair

Good evening: Masa' alkhir

Good bye: Iilaa alliqa

Yes: Nem

No: Lays

No thank you: La shukraan

Thank you very much: Shukraan

I don't understand: La ‘afhum

Could you repeat please?: Karrar

Please: Min fadlik

What time is it?: Kam alssaea

Excuse me: Asif

Airport: Matar

Railway station: Mahatt

Taxi/cab: Taxi

Hotel: Funduq

Hospital: Mustashfaa

Bank: Masrif

Telephone: Hatif

I am (…): Ana (…)

I am looking for (…): Abhath (…)

How much is (…): Kam tukallif

Do you have (…): Ladayk

Where can I find (…)?: Ayn hu (…)

Where can I buy (…)?: Ayn yumkinuni shira (…)

I would like (…): Awadd (…)

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Good to know

+ 213
00 + country prefix
-2 : 00
of time difference with
No Daylight Savings Time


Usually from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Government offices

Usually from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
220 V - 50 Hz


You may leave a tip in restaurants and hotels, for 10 to 15% of the bill.