With Internet check-in, you can choose your seat and receive your boarding pass anytime from 30 hours* prior to the departure of your flight. You can also print it at the airport using a Self-Service Kiosk or at a check-in counter.

* 24 hours for flights departing from or arriving in Mauritius, Lebanon, Hungary and Delhi.

 Make your life simpler
 Save time at the airport
 How to check-in?
 Reserve a Seat Plus!
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Make your life simpler

With online check-in, you can select your seat using a cabin plan, and decide how you will receive your boarding pass. You can choose to:

  • print your boarding pass immediately after checking in online,
  • receive it by e-mail, letting you print it wherever you may be,
  • receive it on your mobile telephone by SMS* or MMS,
  • print it at a Self-Service Kiosk or check-in counter upon arrival at the airport.

*To take advantage of the SMS service, your mobile telephone must have an Internet connection.

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Save time at the airport

If you have baggage, check this in at the "e-service – baggage drop-off" counter at the airport before the Check-in Deadline for your flight. If these is no "e-service – baggage drop-off" counter, please go to the check-in counter for your flight.

If you are traveling without baggage, you can go directly to the boarding gate before the Time Limit for Boarding printed on your boarding pass:

  • 15 minutes prior to flight departure, between Paris-Orly and short-haul destinations,
  • 20 minutes prior to flight departure, between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and short-or medium-haul destinations,
  • 40 minutes prior to flight departure, on long-haul destinations.
If you do not present yourself by this deadline, your seat will no longer be guaranteed.
In Paris, speed through passport control with PARAFES!
How to check-in?

Your Internet check-in occurs in 4 quick and easy steps.

1. Identify yourself:

  • by entering your Flying Blue card number
  • by entering your reservation number
  • or by entering your electronic ticket number.

2. Choose the flight(s) you wish to check-in for, as well as any other passenger(s) concerned.

3. Choose your seat on the cabin plan.

To change your seat, click on the button "Change your seat" during the confirmation phase, before printing out your boarding pass (8 1/2" by 11" paper, one-side only).

4. Confirm your check-in, then print your boarding pass or indicate how you would like to receive it:

  • by e-mail
  • on your mobile telephone (SMS* or MMS),
  • at a Self-Service Kiosk or check-in counter upon arriviral at the airport.

*To take advantage of the SMS service, your mobile telephone must have an Internet connection.

Please note: you can only receive one boarding pass when using the mobile telephone option.

Receive your boarding pass!
Reserve a Seat Plus!

You can guarantee extra leg room when you travel in the Voyageur cabin on longhaul flights* by reserving a seat with additional space in advance.

These seats are located:
- on the upper deck of the Boeing 747-400,
- next to the emergency exit doors,
- next to the emergency exit doors on the Airbus A380 (main deck and upper deck).

This service is available for a fee of €50 per seat and per flight. You can purchase Siège Plus when you check in online. Flying from Paris-Charles de Gaulle 2 airport? Siège Plus is also available for purchase at any Air France counter on the day of your departure.**
It is free for Flying Blue Gold and Platinum members who identify themselves with their Flying Blue numbers when purchasing their e-ticket.

The number of Seats Plus is limited. Reserve your seat from 30 hours before your scheduled flight departure!

*Flights on Airbus A340 aircraft, and flights departing Bangkok, Niamey, Atlanta, Detroit, Newark, Seoul and Damascus are not eligible for this offer.
**Fares are variable, according to currency exchange rates.
Please note that it is not possible to make a Seat Plus purchase from the following departure cities: Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Bremen, Bristol, Edinburgh, Genoa, Helsinki, Kiev, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Munster, Newcastle, Nuremberg, Oslo, Saint Petersburg, Southampton, Trieste, Valladolid, Verona, Vienna, Vigo, Zurich.

Read the terms of purchase
New: cancel your check-in

Are you no longer able to or do you no longer wish to take a flight for which you have already checked in online? You can cancel your check-in in just a few clicks on our website.

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