St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral: an icon of another era

St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral: an icon of another era

Located in the very centre of Tunis, the St Vincent de Paul Cathedral welcomes visitors, tourists, and worshippers alike.

Dating from 1893, this magnificent cathedral is dedicated to Our Lady and to St. Vincent de Paul, who was captured and sold into slavery in Tunis in the early 17th century. At the intersection of the Avenue Habib Bourguiba and Avenue de France, the sublime cathedral sits majestically on Independence Square.

Considered one of the most important Catholic monuments in the city and built in a beautiful Roman-Byzantine style, this cathedral is as impressive inside as it is outside. Once across the threshold, you will discover the splendour of the recently renovated building.

You will notice both Roman and Eastern-inspired decorations and statues of angels on the facade. Whether you are practising or not, do not hesitate to discover this exceptional monument, which was visited, in 1998, by Pope John Paul II.

St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral
4, rue d'Alger
Tunis 1000

+216 71 338 935