Dar El Jeld: for an exceptional moment

Dar El Jeld: for an exceptional moment

A gastronomic Tunisian restaurant with traditional flavours and a local feel.

The Dar El Jeld signature restaurant, located in a fantastic Tunisian building in the heart of the Medina of Tunis, welcomes its guests in a candlelit, refined atmosphere. With its simple and elegant furniture, whitewashed walls, and carved ceilings, the establishment is in the heart of a shaded courtyard, under ancient arches and alongside beautiful mosaics, making this one of Tunis' most refined settings.

Exceptional service and Tunisian flavours come together to offer a prestigious meal. Guests can enjoy a succulent stuffed lamb shoulder served with rice, almonds, and raisins, or a majestic fish couscous. It is possible for you to accompany your feast with a local wine.

Do not miss the irresistible Tunisian pastries, sparkling with honey. And, afterwards, head to the restaurant boutique, which offers fine quality traditional crafts to take home.

Dar El Jeld
5, rue Dar El Jeld
Tunis 1002

+216 (0)71 560 916


Menu: around 70 TND