Casual mindset and trendy mixology at Paperplane

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Casual mindset and trendy mixology at Paperplane

In Montreal's Saint-Henri neighbourhood, Paperplane has established itself as a trendy cocktail bar, offering its signature drinks as a calling card.

Its pink and yellow neon signs set the tone: in Montreal, Paperplane appears like a very funky looking spot. The Asian-inspired spherical entrance, lined with bamboo, gives onto a muted and original atmosphere. Under porthole-style mirrors, dark blue velvet sofas and their orange pillows welcome cocktail lovers. This specialised bar offers a dozen signature drinks, all more special than the other. In moderation, try the very exotic Mangolada (amber rum, mango, pineapple, passion fruit and vanilla) or the strange and blue Good Thyme (gin, cornflower, lime, thyme and elderberry syrup). Each drink is topped with a paper plane as a wink to the place's name. A large wine cellar also reveals a selection that is bound to please all oenologists.

4005, rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montraal, QC H4C 1R3

+1 514 379 3397

Menu: cocktails from 10 CAD